We know how important it is for a German businessman to have a clear understanding of the work of the subsidiary in Russia, to get up-to-date information on the business condition and take decisions on the basis of the exact financial data.

"Sterngoff Audit" provides this very opportunity to its clients.

Olga Grigorieva

Ms. Olga Grigorieva

Chief Executive Officer, the Sterngoff Audit LLC


Highly experienced in auditing of various types of economic sectors, including public tock companies, in accordance with the norms of Russian law (HB I), as well as in accordance with international standards (HGB, IFRS/IAS). Moreover, Mrs. Grigirieva provides comprohensive consulting on taxation issues.

Olga is fluent in German and English. She is pragmatic, tactful, an analytical thinker and strategist capable of implementing hard solutions smoothly.

Qualification is certified by the following documents:

  • Auditor’s Qualification Certificate No. K 027537, issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on 20 July 2007.
  • Auditor’s Qualification Certificate (unified) No. 03-000506, issued by the Moscow Audit Chamber Self-Regulated Organization on 24 December 2012.
  • Diploma in International Financial Reporting No. 1819331, issued on 20 June 2014 by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, London, Great Britain.
  • Diploma in Taxation of the Russian Federation № 1831183, issued on 08 June 2017 by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, London, Great Britain.
  • Tax Consultant Qualification Certificate No. 014520 issued on 26 December 2014 by the Chamber of Tax Consultants of the Russian Federation.
  • A member of Self-Regulated Organization the Russian Union of Auditors since 2009.
  • PRNE (Primary registration number of entry) in the register of the Ministry of Finance – 20703026610.