About us

We can talk at length about the work we love, and do it in the client’s native language, but we prefer to convince by doing and not by talking. That’s why we present facts and only facts here. These are the things that make true history. So, let us introduce ourselves.

The Audit, Tax and Consulting firm “Sterngoff Audit” LLC was founded in 2012 and since then has been successfully providing a full range of services to foreign businesses in Russia. The Company focuses on statutory audit in line with the Russian (HB I, Russian GAAP I, RAS) and international (HB II, IFRS and HGB) standards, as well as consulting services, including legal and tax consulting, to subsidiaries of foreign corporations in Russia. Our specialists also carry out accounting, reporting, interim management and due diligence for foreign companies in Russia, as well as assist them in getting the SME status. The Company conducts regular trainings and seminars on topical issues in the field of accounting, taxation and adjustment of reporting in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

Sterngoff Audit is a member of the self-regulated organization of auditors – Association Sodruzhestvo, the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (CCIR) and the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (SVKK), as well as the Chamber of Tax Consultants of the Russian Federation and the Swiss Business Hub. On 1 January 2021, our Company was admitted to the international association MSI Global Alliance (MSI) and received an exclusive right to represent the Alliance in the Russian Federation in terms of audit and consulting services (https://www.msiglobal.org/firms/sterngoff-audit-llc/), as well as the partners around the world.

Our highly qualified auditors, tax consultants, accountants and lawyers, proficient in German, English and Italian, are at your service in Moscow and in Europe.

Our regular clients are production, trading and service companies, mostly with European investments, engaged in oil and gas, metal fabrication, medicine, construction, chemicals and food processing, fashion and agricultural industries, logistics. Among our clients there are production plants – residents of Lipetsk and Alabuga Special Economic Zones of an industrial and production type.

In 2015 and 2018, the Company was awarded certificates confirming successful passing of the external quality control inspection of the auditing services. In 2020, the Company was declared reliable in the annual rating of the AUDIT magazine. Our liability is insured.

“The art to keep the balance” — that’s the motto of Sterngoff Audit LLC. Focus on developing your business in Russia. Leave accounting and tax reporting, audit and consulting related issues to a reliable partner, ready to support you in any situation and speaking the same language as you.

We are always ready to cooperate.

We are member of following professional associations:

MSI Global Alliance (MSI)

Self-regulated auditor organisation Auditor Association Sodruzhestvo

German-Russian Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Tax Consultants

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Association "Promotion and Protection of Italian enterprises "GIM-UNIMPRESA"

Achievements of any company are the results of work and attitude to the profession. We believe that audit is a creative approach combined with mathematical calculations — the yin and yang of business, a union celebrating our mission.

Best regards, looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation,
Sterngoff Audit

Principles of our work

The principle of continuous contact with the Client

We guarantee that regardless of circumstances the Client will receive a timely full service and within the specified terms, as well as the opportunity to contact us when necessary.

The principle of independence of the opinion

We strictly adhere to compliance with the rules of professional ethics and guarantee impartiality in the course of audits and strict safety of the information received from the Client.

The principle of professionalism, responsibility and integrity

All specialists adhere to legal regulations related to professional activities and act in accordance with the law, general professional principles and international agreements.

Advantages of working with us

We know the peculiarities of accounting at German enterprises in Russia

We have experience of working with German and Austrian enterprises in Russia and understand the specific character of their work. We are familiar with the problems that foreign business encounters in Russia and help to solve them.

We protect from financial risks

We do not just inspect the accounting statements, but conduct a full quality audit of an enterprise which determines all possible financial and tax risks.

We hold meetings based on the results of inspections,

discuss the problems which were found out with the founders and the management of the company and offer ways of solving these problems. We consult German Customers on complex issues of the Russian accounting and tax law.

We draw up statements based on German standards,

apply international requirements to audit in our work and closely cooperate with the Auditing Company in Germany. We issue an official auditor’s opinion which is recognized internationally.

We speak one language with our Client

Our employees know German and English. We hold negotiations with German founders without a translator.