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What is forensic service?

The forensic is a financial investigation, which includes a set of examinations of the company’s financial and economic activities, as well as the collection of evidence and traces left by employees to compile the evidence base. The results obtained are used to identify misuse, embezzlement, fraud, and various misrepresentations, and to conduct further internal investigations or public legal proceedings.

​The forensic is required in cases of:
  • Purchase of non-certified or counterfeit products;
  • An unjustified decrease in sales volumes;
  • The presence of a large number of complaints;
  • Sales growth on the background of lower costs;
  • The discrepancy between employees’ expenses and their income.
What is the difference between
forensic and audit?

As part of our forensic service, our specialists identify facts that directly or indirectly indicate violations, embezzlement, and financial crimes on the part of the staff. To identify such facts, an in-depth audit of documentation and existing processes, an analysis of relationships with third parties, and employee surveys are conducted.

Based on the results of the forensic examination, the client is provided with material that can be used to bring unfair employees to justice and further compensate for material damage.

What events are held within
the framework of forensic?
  • Identification of signs of affiliation and corruption;
  • Asset search;
  • Verification of compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Detection of fraud by contractors and employees;
  • Search for internal fraud and violations of corporate policies;
  • Assessment of opportunities to sell personal data and insider information;
  • Search for incidents of money laundering and the withdrawal of assets;
  • Preparation of materials for independent judicial proceedings and analysis of their consequences.