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Human resource audit

Human resource audit is an inspection of availability of all required human resource documents and an expert examination of human resource documentation in terms of compliance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation and company’s internal requirements.

What is HR audit for?

The objective of HR audit is to reduce risks of violation of the applicable labour legislation and improve the HR management.

When do you need
HR audit?

HR audit helps in cases where a company has “human resource issues” which are manifested not only in the difficulties with the personnel, but also in the improper preparation of the required human resource documentation.

Where do we record
the HR audit results?

An opinion formed as a result of HR audit conducted by our company includes:

  • A list of human resource documents missing by the company, but being mandatory.
  • A list of violation of the labour and/or other legislation identified in documents.
  • A list of violations identified in HR records, the procedure for registration of labour relations.
  • Recommendations to eliminate the violations and improve the efficiency of human resource records.

Quality of HR audit
by Sterngoff Audit

When conducting HR audit we evaluate business conditions, activities of key employees responsible for particular sites at the organisation. In other words, an audit of your human resources is carried out by an employee who is unbiased and has highly objective attitude to the company’s personnel and carefully checks the documents regulating labour activity of its employees.