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Accounting outsourcing

The activities of enterprises with foreign investment in the Russian Federation are largely associated with the constant resolution of various issues with government organizations. Given the constant amendments to the tax legislation of the Russian Federation, this issue is relevant in the field of accounting and tax accounting.

In our opinion, the main factors influencing the decision to switch to outsourcing by the management of companies are:

  • Transfer of responsibility for the correct calculation and payment of taxes;
  • Possibility of compensation for losses, in the form of additional taxes, fines and penalties, as part of the insurance of professional activities;
  • Comparability of the services cost to the costs of maintaining the accounting staff;
  • Ability to delegate the solution of all issues with financial and tax authorities;
  • Reducing tax risks;
  • Getting professional advice on various issues of doing business in the Russian Federation;
  • Provision of services in accordance with international standards.

All of these factors are aimed at solving one problem – increasing business efficiency. By entrusting accounting to the specialists of our auditing company, you get quality and stability.