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Tax and legal consulting

Incorrect interpretation and application of tax legislation, errors made when maintaining tax accounting and accounting result in serious problems with the regulatory authorities and large losses in the form of tax payments, up to suspension of business activities.

Prompt consulting and legal support of client’s company amid inspections by regulatory, supervisory and watchdog agencies helps get out of sticky situations with minimal losses.

When do you need tax consulting?

The need for consultations on taxes and/or accounting is particularly strong in case of non-standard or unfamiliar situations when you need to resolve the issue asap, and you don’t have time to search for an answer in various sources.

What is a proper consulting for?

A prompt legal support helps solve specific business issues, makes it possible to prevent abuse, and significantly reduce the likelihood of negative effects following the results of the audit.

Quality of tax consulting by Sterngoff Audit
All the recommendations and findings of our consultants are based solely on the requirements of the applicable legislation, judicial reviews, clarifications made by government agencies.
We provide both oral consultations and clarifications in writing.
We provide both oral consultations and clarifications in writing.