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Tax audit

The tax audit is carried out to prevent potential penalties associated with incorrect tax charges.

The tax audit is carried out to prevent potential penalties associated with incorrect tax charges. In addition, the tax reports audit allows us to create a justification data base for credit (return) for excessive taxes paid or charged.

Tax audit is an assessment of the current taxation model of the client’s company, as well as preparation of an opinion on whether it is possible to increase efficiency of the company’s tax accounting.

When do you need
tax audit?

Tax audit is voluntary and may be carried out at customer’s option only. Tax audit is of particular importance for companies waiting for a tax inspection or having doubts if taxes are charged or paid correctly.

What is audit for?

Tax audit allows not only to detect all errors but also carry out their profound analysis, develop a set of measures to eliminate them and avoid penalties.

Where do we record
the tax audit results?

The result of tax audit performed by our company is a report that includes a full description of detected infringements, as well as recommendations for error elimination and further maintenance of tax records.

Quality of tax audit
by Sterngoff Audit

We offer our clients tax audit service which includes inspection of:

  • Correctness of generation of the tax base by each type of taxes, calculation and payment of taxes and levies for a definite period of time.
  • The status of settlements with budget/non-budgetary funds.
  • Compliance of the tax accounting system with the applicable law.
  • Quality of source documents with regard to operational requirements of tax authorities.

In addition, our specialists will identify those operations which will be of particular interest of the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate.