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Clients` loyalty develops business reputation. You cannot buy, sell or barter for it. This is our core and inalienable asset.
Our regular clients

Large businesses, residents of special industry-type economic zones involved, public joint-stock companies, foreign representative offices in Russia. 

Among them there are production, trading and service
enterprises with mostly German and Austrian investments.

Experienced in cooperation
with foreign investors

We help our clients be more competitive and facilitate their dealing with tax and other financial authorities. But mostly valuable is our client’s opinion. Let’s listen to some of them.

Will we listen?

We appreciated the careful attitude of the staff of the company to the tasks set and a comprehensive approach to the solution thereof during the whole period of cooperation with Sterngoff Audit LLC in the course of preparation, conducting and drawing up reports, which is of prime importance for the activities of CFT as a Russian-German organisation.

The Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade (CFT)

We would like to note the high level of professional competence of all staff members of Sterngoff Audit LLC, efficiency and relevance of recommendations and solutions suggested in the course of the audit.

Moscow rep-office of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Bureau of the Representative of German Industry)

Our company has been working with Sterngoff Audit LLC since 2014.
In the course of the audit, specialists of Sterngoff Audit LLC proved themselves to be high-level auditors, prepared to conduct a professional dialogue on a wide range of issues of the applicable laws. This proves that the company builds its activities on professionalism and complex approach to resolution of its clients’ problems.


Bogner Eastern Europe has been working with Sterngoff Audit LLC since 2015, appointing them every year to perform the statutory audit of the accounting and fiscal statements.

We have greatly appreciated the diligent treatment of the established objectives by the auditors, the comprehensive approach to their achievement, promptness and their high professional level.

We would particularly like to mention the high level of effectiveness and justification of recommendations in respect and solutions to difficult accounting and fiscal matters proposed by the auditors.

We are confident in our successful cooperation with Sterngoff Audit LLC.

Bogner Eastern Europe

In the complex and constantly changing conditions of business activities in Russia, it seems necessary to have reliable and highly professional consultants who easily navigate both the legal framework and the general business and economic circumstances of the country. We acknowledge that we have found such well qualified consultant in Sterngoff Audit LLC.

Based on the results of work with Sterngoff Audit LLC, we must make a note of the high level of training, competency, experience and professionalism of the company’s experts when providing audit and consulting services. In the course of the audit, the specialists of Sterngoff Audit LLC demonstrated that they had fully mastered the specifics of accounting and fiscal reporting.

The company’s work is attractive due to the quality of the services being provided, knowledge and high professional training level of its employees.

Our company intends to continue its cooperative work with Sterngoff Audit LLC and strongly recommends their auditors’ accumulated skills and vast experience to other companies.

DÖHLER natural food & beverage ingredients

Sterngoff Audit proved itself to be an excellent expert in auditing and an extremely competent contact for tax affairs.

We hereby would like to thank Sterngoff Audit for its extremely professional and customer-oriented cooperation and recommend Strengoff Audit as a really reliable partner.


Erismann LLC has been operating with Sterngoff Audit LLC since 2018 in terms of advisory services on transfer pricing. We would like to note the professionalism of company’s employees, vast experience in the field of advisory services, and a competent approach to completing the tasks assigned. 

We especially would like to note the striving of the entire team of employees to bring the maximum benefit and take into account the client’s wishes.


The high professional level of specialists, their extensive work experience, and immediateness of current issues guarantee the results that answer to the objectives of the company’s management.

We should like to mention separately the high competence level and reliability of employees of Sterngoff Audit when meeting the deadlines of HBI and HBII audit as well as confidential treatment of any data of their customers.


Judging by the experience of cooperation, we can confidently speak of Sterngoff Audit as a reliable business partner, whom we recommend for cooperation to other companies, including those that have foreign investments involved.

A characteristic feature of Sterngoff Audit’s team is the high degree of responsibility for the final result and readiness to provide aid and methodological support in a difficult situation.

Viessmann Lipetsk

In our opinion, the company’s employees have deep knowledge in the areas of accounting, taxation, law, financial analysis, and auditing, and can put them into practice. In addittion, they have a good command of computer software, including 1C: Manufacturing Entreprise Management.

Based on the audit results, we adopted many recommendations of the audit firm on improving bookkeeping, tax computation, reporting, proper preparation of source documents, and other issues.

OBO Bettermann Production

Despite the large amount of tasks assigned to them, the specialists of Sterngoff Audit demonstrated quickness and thoroughness in their work, a high qualification both in accounting issues and in the specifics of identifying and preventing tax risks. We emphasize the high level of competence and effectiveness of the work they have done.

A special feature of that audit company is a customer-oriented approach, combined with a high responsibility for the final result.

Andritz Hydro

A characteristic feature of the company’s team is the high degree of responsibility for the final result, understanding of the peculiarities of the business sector, in which their customer operates, when completing the established objective, readiness to render assistance and methodological support in a difficult situation at any given moment.


During Sterngoff Audit’s work, we have noted a combination of efficiency, high performance standards, and flexible pricing policy, as well as diligence towards the requirements imposed.


During the entire period of provided services, the company has proven itself to be a trustworthy partner which performs the obligations it has undertaken in due time and at the high level of quality.

Thanks to the company’s main operating principle – forming partner relations with customers, based on mutual understanding, cooperation and proffesionalism – it holds, in our opinion, a stable position at the market of audit services.

Hawle Industriewerke

The long experience of cooperative effort consistently proves high qualification, efficiency and elaboration of the Sterngoff Audit LLC professionals in all taxation and accounting matters, and in particular, with regard to the specifics of accounting in such a large production company as PERI LLC.

We consider the notes and recommendations suggested in the reports prepared by Sterngoff Audit to be highly relevant and essential.


When choosing an audit firm, we were guided by the reputation, quality of services and qualification level of specialists. During our work, we were convinced of the high level of the auditing services provided, the approach is professional and customer-focused. The nature of the tasks assigned to the specialists of Sterngoff Audit LLC within our cooperation required them to react as promptly and constructively as possible on a whole range of issues and to be highly-reputable.

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

We are fully convinced of the high professional auditors’ level and would like to highlight the following characteristics: 

  • flexible approach to solving problems;
  • fast and competent implementation of contract conditions;
  • a well-established system of interaction with employees of the company.

In particular, we would like to emphasize the sincere and attentive attitude of your staff to the audit detailes throughout the audit period.


Employees of Sterngoff Audit have been always holding audits with a high professional competence and prepared reports fit for being part of the annual financial statements of Flottweg Group.

Now therefore, the auditors help us finding best solutions in any legal and tax affairs and various situations we face in the course of our operations. Our company has successfully implemented an entire range of their useful methodological recommendations.

Flottweg SE

We would like to thank the Sterngoff Audit team first of all for the quality of the services provided and their approach to work. Our company has been relying on Sterngoff Audit’s specialists since 2018 for audit both in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards (RSBU) and in accordance with German HB II standards, and Sterngoff Audit also provides us with controlling services.

BOWA Eurasia

Sterngoff Audit possesses the high level of training, competency, experience and professionalism of the company’s experts when providing audit services.

We would like to mention the high level of effectiveness and justification of recommendations and solutions of difficult accounting and fiscal matters proposed by the auditors, including their assistance in reconciling the characteristic features and peculiarities of the Russian accounting and fiscal prinsipals with the German accounting and reporting systems.


The company’s  experts performed their work at a high professional level and just in time, and answered the questions of the German auditor of the consortium in a clear and timely manner.

The task was assigned to prepare a HB II transformation package and develop an internal control system (ICS). We remained fully satisfied with the quality of work.


The Sterngoff Audit LLC staff is highly experienced in auditing, and has long term practical expertise in working with the Russian subsidiaries of large foreign companies.

We’d like to point out the highest quality of services, operational excellence of the audit team, flexibility and promptness in addressing various issues, commitment of the project team to its work and willingness to contribute to the client success.

Enza Semena

During our cooperation, we could repeatedly ascertain the high qualifications of your employees as to accounting methodology, taxation and law, as well as the ability to solve all arising issues given the specifics of our business as frequently changing laws.


Sterngoff Audit LLC has proven itself as a reliable counterparty providing high efficiency and reliability in completing the task assigned.

We note the ability of Sterngoff Audit LLC employees to prepare the entire package of the necessary documents on controlled transactions within a short time frame.

Messe München

The high-quality and competent advice on taxation and transfer pricing helped us to file controlled transaction notifications to the tax authorities and prepare the documentation required for the tax audit in due time.

Fein Eletrowerkzeuge OOO would like to thank Sterngoff Audit LLC employees for the prompt and professional approach to solving the accounting and tax issues of our company.

FEIN Elektrowerkzeuge

We addressed Sterngoff Audit LLC with a request to include our company into the unified register of small and medium-sized enterprises. This new audit service is designed to support companies during the difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the novelty of the service, the auditors completed all the tasks clearly and on time, which allowed us to start using the received benefits immediately after the inclusion into the register.


During our cooperation, Sterngoff Audit LLC auditors have proven to be highly professional with deep knowledge of accounting and taxation peculiarities and being ready to solve the tasks assigned at any time paying attention to the customer’s needs. The company is responsible partner performing its obligations on time and always to the highest standard.

We especially would like to note the reliability, reasonableness, and comprehensiveness of the recommendations given by the auditors in solving complex and sometimes non-standard bookkeeping and tax accounting issues.

Orgsyntez Group JSC

Rowe Russland GmbH LLC would like to express its gratitude to the employees of Sterngoff Audit LLC for their professionalism and efficiency in rendering the auditing services ordered. The audit was carried out promptly and to the highest standard, at a time convenient for us.

Rowe Russland GmbH LLC

CEDIMA LLC, a subsidiary of CEDIMA GmbH, was the first to contact the auditors of Sterngoff Audit LLC to provide the service of its inclusion into the register of SMEs (small and medium-sized entreprises). This service is a new among audit services and there have been no explanations from official authorities on the procedure. 

The auditors were able to understand this issue, and also took part in the communication with the German financiers of our founder. As a result, all the necessary documents were received and checked, and our LLC was promptly entered into the register of small businesses, which allows us to take advantage of benefits for insurance fees from August 1, 2020.


Companies that trust us with auditing and tax consulting: