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Audit and consolidation
in line with international
standards of HGB and IFRS

When do you need HGB, IFRS and IAS?

If your company enters the international market, then to cooperate with foreign partners you will need financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have been acknowledged mandatory in a number of European countries.

According to the Federal Law No.208-FZ “On Consolidated Financial Statements” dated 27 July 2010, the IFRS auditing of financial statements is mandatory for consolidated companies.

What are HGB, IFRS and IAS for?

Application of the IFRS makes financial statements comparable and useful for making financial decisions. They contain information about previous financial results, current financial conditions, and provide an opportunity to assess the prospects of their development and future risks.

Where do we record the HGB,
IFRS, and IAS audit results?

Our specialists provide a detailed report.

Quality of HGB, IFRS
and IAS audit by Sterngoff Audit

An audit of statements in line with the IFRS conducted by our company includes preparation of a complete reporting package in accordance with the requirements of the IFRS not only for individual companies, but for the group of companies (consolidated financial statements).