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Interim Management and the introduction of several executive directors into an LLC

Ms. Olga Grigorieva
General Director

New realities require a high-quality and timely business strategy in company management. We propose to consider options for Interim Management, as well as the simultaneous introduction of several directors in an LLC.


Interim management is necessary to manage the company for a limited time. It makes sense to resort to external managers when the company does not have enough internal resources to solve a specific management problem. In addition, interim management allows you to quickly resolve issues directly at the location of the company. At the same time, the interim manager can be either the sole or the second director.


The introduction of two executive directors will allow the company to solve the following tasks:

1) Efficient distribution of responsibilities, for example, administrative and commercial.

2) Management decision-making can also be limited by directors depending on their area of ​​responsibility.

3) Additional control. Each of the directors will have less opportunity to use his leadership position for personal gain, neglecting the interests of the firm.

4) Managers are interchangeable — it is not necessary for two directors to be in Russia at the same time.


You can send us an email with the subject «Interim» to and we will help you to understand this issue in detail and offer possible options specifically for your company.