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Sterngoff Audit informs about compulsory vaccination

Ms. Olga Grigorieva
General Director

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sterngoff Audit LLC informs you that due to the continuing threat of the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and the extremely unfavorable epidemiological situation in Moscow, in accordance with the Resolution No. 1 of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of 15.06.2021, at least 60% of citizens from the total number of employees in organizations engaged in the provision of services must be vaccinated. This Resolution applies to such areas of activity as: trade, public catering, housing and utilities and energy, cosmetic and household services, transport, education, health care, etc.

In order to implement the Resolution, the heads of organizations and individual entrepreneurs operating in Moscow must organize vaccinations for employees with the first component or a single-component vaccine before 15.07.2021, and with the second component of a vaccine registered in the Russian Federation before 15.08.2021. To verify compliance with the requirements, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must post information on the form No. 2 attached to the decree of the Mayor of Moscow Sobyanin S. S. on mandatory vaccination No. 32-UM of 16.06.2021. during the specified period on the official website of the Government of Moscow.

At the same time, employees who have contraindications to the vaccine or those who have had a coronavirus and are immune can be released from vaccination. In the first case, you need a certificate from the clinic about the presence of contraindications, and in the second-the result of testing for antibodies.

In order to comply with the new vaccination requirements, we recommend that employers:

  • Make lists of employees who have already been vaccinated, unvaccinated, and those who have contraindications.
  • Notify employees in writing of mandatory vaccination.
  • Get a written refusal from employees who refused to be vaccinated.